Apr 11 06 7:56 PM

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What is the main role of freight stations in Rush Hour/Simcity 4? Where is the best location to place them? Any advice would be appreciated!

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Apr 12 06 3:58 PM

Well, they do exactly as their name implies; distribute freight. In towns with rail, they're just as important as connections to other cities, especially since they can be placed much closer to the industries than the edges of the map usually are, thus allowing industry to deliver its supplies more efficiently, if you want to be technical.

But if not, it basically helps industry get its products out to market.

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Apr 12 06 4:03 PM

Thanks infernus. I guess I just wasn't sure whether to scatter them around my industry zones, adjacent my railway, which I have done (and they are not getting used) or whether to place them on the edges near my rail neighbour connections. For some reason, they are not being used. Trucks drive right on past em. I even put in the commercial zone where the rail passes through and nothing - 0% used. I probably should post a picture.

That was another question that I had, where does SC4 save your pics?

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Apr 12 06 4:08 PM

The freight stations work best right on the rail right in the middle of your industries, especially if the industry is far from the edges.

And about the pictures, if you have Windows they're saved in My Documents > Sim City 4 > Albums.

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